Friday, August 5, 2011

Into the Wild

Target Jacket/ Forever 21 Dress/ Michael Kors Heels/ Olivia + Joy Bag/ Belt, Kohl's/ Reaction by Kenneth Cole Watch
I've been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time. Not only is it a three day weekend for me but my family is also going camping at Lake McClure {near Yosemite}! Growing up we would go on a family camping trip every summer. We haven't been in probably 5 years and finally decided to re-continue our tradition. So when I got home from work we headed to the Farmer's Market to grab dinner and load up on fruit for the weekend. Naturally we got distracted; we watched an adorable quartet sing oldies and bought a purse and honey sticks {success!} Happy Weekend fellow bloggers and friends!

They were so cute in their matching outfits!
I'm a sucker for bags and I love supporting local vendors so of course I had to have one :-)


  1. That DRESS! Such a good look on you, K! ;)

  2. I love your whole outfit! I love local vendors too! So which tote did you end up getting?

  3. Thank you ladies! The tote I bought isn't actually pictured here but I have an outfit planned out to wear it with this weekend :-) It's blue, pink, and tan...looove it!