Monday, May 14, 2012

Miss Bradshaw

Forever 21 Top, Pants & Bracelets/ Sophie Watches/ Nine West Heels/ Foley + Corinna Bag
If you're a crazy Sex and the City fan like I am you're familiar with Carrie Bradshaw's frequent 'black bra under a sheer top' look. I always loved Carrie's bold outfits; from fanny packs to head pieces, she could always pull it off. But I have to say I was never a huge fan of her black bras peeping out from under her clothes. Recently I've seen this concept done really tastefully and finally got the courage to try it out. I wasn't comfortable with full bra showing so I used a thick bandeau under this fun yellow top and I loved it! I think I'm definitely going to be on the hunt for more sheer tops and different colored bandeaus to incorporate into my wardrobe this summer!


  1. LOVE this color combo on you, m'dear!

  2. Love these colors together!

    xo Jennifer