Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lo Lo Lo Lo

Ever since I started my blog I've been telling my sister that I want her to let me style her and have her do a guest blog. I don't know what her deal is ;-) but she's been pretty resistant. Finally I at least coerced her into posing for a few pictures while we were in the city a couple of weeks ago and I think they turned out pretty great! I kind of LOVE her top and how cool it looks contrasted against this much tagged wall.

 So, blogger friends and readers, I am pleased to introduce you to my MOH, my best friend, my 'Lo Lo', my 'twin', and little sister, Miss Lauren.

Oh and hey Lauren, sorry I didn't forewarn're on the blog today!


  1. Do love how her top looks against the wall! Didn't know you had a twin?! Great pictures!


    1. We always say that we're twins born in different years ;-) Thanks for stopping by the blog gf! <3

  2. You are just such a good photographer, you could make anyone look good! But hey... love you too Big Sister!

  3. You have such a beautiful and stylish sister! I wish a had a sister... I only have a brother and we don't have the best of the relationships... What a pity :(

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  4. Awww, you're sister is adorbs! Just like you! Love these photos!