Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black Thursday Night

Target Blazer & Jeggings/ Vintage Tank Top/ Cara NY Necklace/ Cathy Jean Boots/ Rebecca Minkoff Bag
Wow, if my blog was college I would have an F for poor attendance. The cold weather made me do it. No one wants to go to class when it's cold out and same with blogging...if I can't do it while lying next to the fire wrapped up in a blanket Mummy style, it's just too much effort. Maybe I should invest in some fingerless gloves and a Snuggie. 
Anyways, I'm here now and that's all that counts right? So let's rewind a couple of weeks. Three houses and two Thanksgiving dinners later my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to see how the whole early Black Friday thing was panning out. Utter disaster! There was a massive group of Occupy Target Protesters Black Friday Shoppers around the entire perimeter of my favorite red store. So naturally we drove to Walmart only to find an equally crazy {and slightly trashier} mob ransacking the store and hovering like vultures over odd saran wrapped piles of electronics that wouldn't be opened until midnight. So again, naturally we decide to go home, wait a couple of hours, and come back out again. We must have been high on Turkey. Everything we hoped to get our hands on was gone by the time we got there. But I must say it was a good experience if only for the people watching. My favorite people were the groups barking at each other as if they were an army ready for attack, checking off their list as they knocked over babies to throw a pair of socks in their carts. It was great.
So naturally after a ridiculous unfruitful late night we decide to head out to the mall early afternoon. All of the crazies must have been worn out from the early Black Friday because it was a pretty mild mall experience. I picked up a few things, came to my senses, left the mall and vowed to do the rest of my Holiday shopping online. 

How was your Black Friday?


  1. Love your tank! I see you got your RM bag! I did Black Friday and did not recover until Sunday because I went shopping almost all day! I know I am crazy, but got my X-mas shopping done!


  2. Your experience isn't unlike the one I had waiting in line for Versace for H&M! People get MEAN when it comes to deals, huh?

  3. cute outfit! haha I am the same way about blogging...Ive been really bad about it lately :(