Monday, July 30, 2012


DVF Top, via TheRealReal/ Forever 21 Pants/ Madden Girl Heels(shop similar)/ Rebecca Minkoff Bag/ Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses/ Bauble Bar Necklace(shop)
Say hello to my friend the French Braid.
My hair is at that point where my bangs are so long that my left eye has seemingly disappeared and I obviously need a haircut, but for some reason I'm just too lazy to pick up the phone to try and schedule a hair appointment. This is the point in time where bobby pins become my best friend, I constantly try to recreate the Carrie bun, and I throw some gel in my hair and let my natural curl do its thing. But today I really wanted my strands out of my face so in comes the French braid. That being said, you only get one full picture of me with my Frenchie, because I was reminded that I hate how I photograph with a French braid in! Le sigh.
So what's your go-to hairstyle on lazy days? Or if you're like me and put off haircuts for wayyy too long?

P.S. I bet I could have made 5 hair appointments in the time it took me to write this blog post. Oh well, maybe I'll call tomorrow. 
I think these are the tallest pair of shoes in my closet, life is different when you're standing 5'8" instead of 5'2"
I am obsessed with this bronze-y Milani Nail polish!


  1. Great pattern mix! Bangs are very hard to keep up with, especially mine..grows every 3 weeks. And I do pin it up like a poof or to the side. Hair pins are lifesavers sometimes!


  2. YAY you use, and love the Miliani polish- I'm assuming! ;) Great top, I'd love to hear your input on using theRealReal- heard about them, and wanted to know a little more..

    x Carlina
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  3. Side braid is my go to :)

    You look great Sis!