Sunday, July 24, 2011

If the Shoe Fits, Wear it!

Steve Madden Wedges/ Olivia + Joy Bag

It was Saturday, my boyfriend and I were getting ready to head to Brentwood to visit my sister. I went to put on shoes and realized that I had nothing to go with my red striped top, tan blazer, and white shorts {sorry no pics!}...why didn't I pack my tan and white sandals?? Oh well, black will have to do. Fast forward a couple of hours and I'm making my sister and boyfriend go to Good Will with me (Brentwood is a pretty upscale neighborhood so I figured they had to have some good inventory). A gorgeous leopard print satchel practically screams my name from across the room, score! And then I head to the shoe section and see these adorable wedges gleaming at me. It felt a bit like Cinderella and the Wizard of Oz all wrapped in one. I slipped one on and they fit perfectly. This is what I mean when I say 'it was fashion fate'! And we lived happily ever after :-)


  1. OMG--all of my nightmares (like literally nightmares that I have at night, when I'm asleep) involve under-packing. I swear. Congrats on the amazing finds--those shoes and that bag are sooo good! That GoodWill is famous for it's fabulous finds--makes me miss LA.


  2. So glad I found that Goodwill on my boyfriend's Yelp app! I really can't wait to go back to LA and do some more thrifting..we barely had any time at all. Even more so I want to check out some flea markets!

  3. Maybe it was meant to be, haha!
    Thanks for following and for the comment by the way! I'm actually heading down to San Francisco next month. If you know of any "must see's" i'd love it if you would let me know. Who would know the city better than someone who lives there, right?