Sunday, July 24, 2011

Light Up Dance Floors and Strawberry Basil Cocktails

Target Top & Pants/ Chinese Laundry Heels/ Juicy Couture Clutch/ Kate Spade Sunglasses/ Nordstrom Watch/ Guess Watch/ Necklace, gifted/ Forever 21 Bracelets

This weekend I decided I wanted to head down to Southern California to visit both my sister and one of my best friends. After a bit of research I booked us a hotel room in Huntington Beach since I'd never been there before and I wanted to be near the beach. My friend took us to one place where we had the perfect summer cocktail, it included strawberries and basil {I'll definitely be trying to recreate that one!} and we went to another place where we were endlessly entertained by the light up dance floor. The only downfall of the night was that the DJ didn't play Britney Spears after he promised me he would {well it seemed like a major downfall at the time}.



  1. Glad you thought of a title! Love your outfit sis!

  2. Girl, you are gorgeous! Lucky you with that face and that hair! Love the outfit too!



  3. Great shoes!


  4. Those shoes are amazing!

    xo Ashleigh