Saturday, October 1, 2011

Missoni Inspired Mustache and Beard

Missoni for Target Coat/ Petticoat Alley Blouse/ New York & Co. Skirt/ Dru New York Heels/ Rebecca Minkoff Bag/ Michael Kors Watches/ Belina Bracelet
 Every other Friday I am reminded of how much I love my work schedule. I work a 9/80 schedule which means I work 9 hour days Monday-Thursday and get every other Friday off. It's magical if you ask me. 

So yesterday was my wonderfully magical Friday off and I definitely made the most of it. My boyfriend and I drove out to San Jose and had lunch in Santana Row to visit one of my brothers {I have 3}. Killing two birds with one gemstone we walked across the street to Valley Fair Mall so I could get tickets and make appointments for Nordstrom's Cosmetics Trends Show coming up in November {look for one at the Nordstrom near you and thank me later!}

Next we headed out to Oakland where {courtesy of the amazing Yelp} I had tickets to the Oakland Museum's OZone event. The museum itself is pretty great; they showcase different forms of art, history, and science. What I love about it is that everything is very California-Centric {and as a Native Californian of course I am gee-golly darn proud of our state} The event happenings definitely made the night for me. First order of business we made faux-facial hair. My boyfriend went with a simple Sapling mustache. I on the other hand went for an Extremist {and most fabulous} Missoni-inspired full beard. We even got to take a picture with John Muir himself ;-).

Can I get a raise of hands: Who wants to see a 'Missoni for Mustache and Beard' line? 
I was actually excited that the weather finally called for a jacket so I could wear this beauty!
Wearing both the boyfriend's and my facial hair
Check out the Most Beautiful Thing in the Museum

Oh HEY John Muir! What's Up?


  1. This is just fantastic.

    Also... that's not wizards chess is it??